I've tried to run PallPro, but it shows only the initial splash screen and then the application does not start, what happens?

There is a problem, so you can not run properly PallPro. Possible causes include:

  • PallPro was not correctly installed
  • the graphics card of your pc is not compatible or graphics drivers are out of date
  • you're trying to run PallPro without a proper account

Has PallPro been correctly installed?

PallPro is developed on Unity and its installation package contains all the components necessary for its operation. If there were no errors during the setup phase, the installation is guaranteed to work. Any previous versions installed must not be uninstalled.

Is PallPro compatible with 64-bit systems?

Yes, PallPro can run on both 32-bit systems and 64-bit processors.

Can PallPro generate printouts of PDF documents?

Yes, the easiest way is to install a virtual PDF printer, such as PDFCreator.


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System requirements

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