What are the news in PallPro3?

The PallPro 3.1.01 new release conteins many updtes on funcionalities: 

  1. Wings dimensions visible on 3D/2D models
  2. Drawings one beside the other in the editor view
  3. Lateral view rotated in the editor
  4. Nails quantity in BoM
  5. Zoom coherence
  6. Russian language
  7. Minor improvements
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Has PallPro been correctly installed?

PallPro is developed on Unity and its installation package contains all the components necessary for its operation. If there were no errors during the setup phase, the installation of PallPro is guaranteed to work. Any previous versions installed must not be uninstalled.

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Is PallPro compatible with 64-bit systems?

Yes, our pallet design software can run on both 32-bit systems and 64-bit processors.

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Can PallPro generate printouts of PDF documents?

Yes, our pallet design software can generate prints in PDF format-the easiest way is to install a virtual PDF printer, such as PDFCreator for example.

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After downloading the application, how do I apply for the temporary license, to test all the features of the program?

  • Install the PallPro3 application by running the setup
  • Launch the application for the first time,
  • On the activated view, by clicking on File→License, select Registration Form
  • Fill in all fields and press the Send button
  • Wait at most 2 working days so that our offices could take care of the request and activate the license, which you can check on the application by clicking on File→License
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How to buy PallPro3 licenses?

  • Once you have installed the application and completed the evaluation with the 30-day temporary license, go to https://www.pallpro.com/buy
  • Select the preferred license type (annual or perpetual) and fill out the form with data consistent with those entered into the program and sent for the temporary license application
  • Submit the request by clicking on Purchase Request button.
  • Wait no more than 2 business days for our offices to take care of the request and contact you to finalize the purchase
  • Once activated, details of the license in use (registration code, software key, duration) will appear on the program by clicking on FileLicense
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How to migrate from PallPro2 to PallPro3?

  • Install the PallPro3 application, running the setup.
  • Start the application for the first time,
  • On the activated view by clicking on FileLicense, select Registration Form.
  • Fill in all fields, taking care to enter data consistent with that of the registration made on PallPro2, and press the Send button
  • Wait no more than 2 business days for our offices to take care of the request and contact you to finalize the migration
  • Once activated, on the program, by clicking on FileLicense, the details of the license in use will appear (registration code, software key, duration)
  • If the license is activated on the same PC where a PallPro2 license is active, they can both remain active
  • If the PallPro3 license is activated on a different PC than the one where a PallPro2 license is active, you will have 30 days to decide which one to turn off
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How to manage PallPro3 automatic updates?

To keep you up to date with the evolution of PallPro3, the application checks if the current installation on your PC is the latest available.

By clicking on FileInformation you can see if the version in use is the latest released.

If it is not, you can update to the latest available by clicking the Update button

The operation is then done automatically.


If you would like more information, please contact us!

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Can PallPro2 and PallPro3 run on the same PC?

Yes, PallPro2 and PallPro3 can be installed on the same PC without any drawback. The two applications are made with different technology and therefore can also run simultaneously

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How to transfer PallPro2 projects to PallPro3 once the migration is done?

Both PallPro2 and PallPro3 save pallet design data in config files with the extensions plp and plp3, respectively.

PallPro3 is compatible with PallPro2 and therefore can import files previously saved with the extension plp.

To do this, simply click on the Explore button under FileOpen and then apply the filter to select a file with extension plp. Once the file is confirmed, the original information will be imported into PallPro3.

Remember to then save the project with the extension plp3 before closing the program.


Contact us for more information!

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I've tried to run PallPro, but it shows only the initial splash screen and then the application does not start, what happens?

There is a problem, so you can not run properly PallPro. Possible causes include:

  • PallPro was not correctly installed: follow the directions carefully to intall PallPro
  • the graphics card of your pc is not compatible or graphics drivers are out of date
  • you're trying to run PallPro without a proper account
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