General conditions of sales

General conditions of sales

The following "General Terms and Conditions of Sales" (hereinafter referred to simply as "conditions") manage the supply of the Pallpro software product manufactured and sold by Storti S.p.A.

The applicable conditions shall be those valid at the time of the order. However, Storti S.p.A. reserves the right to update these conditions at any time. Any new conditions shall be valid from the date shown at the bottom of the conditions themselves; the conditions in force shall cancel and replace the previous ones.



All prices of the products are as quoted by Storti S.p.A. sellers or agents. excluding shipping costs and VAT (as per law).

Storti S.p.A. reserves the right to update and/or change prices at any time. The new prices shall be in force as soon as they are published.


Terms of payment

For all physical products the fiscal invoice will be issued at the time of shipment and included in the package.

For products purchased via direct download of installation files, however, the tax invoice will be sent electronically by e-mail.


Terms of delivery

For products in the catalogue, delivery will take place within 5 working days after ordering.

You must consider that the delivery time of the product may vary for reasons independent from Storti S.p.A. (carrier problems, holidays, workloads, shipping locations, etc.).

For this reason, Storti S.p.A. is not responsible for not respecting the delivery times indicated above.


Order confirmation and acceptance

In case of purchase of a product with physical delivery, after having placed the Order the Customer shall receive a confirmation e-mail containing, in addition to these "General Terms and Conditions of Sales", the "Order Summary" with the details of the purchase and the envisaged commercial conditions (costs, payment terms, delivery, etc.). In the absence of a specific request by the Customer made to Storti S.p.A. by the time of receipt of the shipping notice, the Order as well as these Terms shall be deemed accepted.

In case of purchase of a product with download, the Customer shall receive a confirmation e-mail containing the link from which to make the download. By sending the download link, these Conditions shall be deemed accepted and it will not be possible to cancel the Order. By accepting the present Conditions, the Customer declares to have read the supply conditions and the technical specifications of the products; any information provided by Storti S.p.A. personnel in non-written form regarding the supply conditions and the technical specifications of the product shall be null and void.


Right of Withdrawal

To exercise the Right of Withdrawal, the Customer shall send a written notice to Storti S.p.A. by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt and return the product to Storti S.p.A. undamaged and with the warranty seals still intact. The product shall reach Storti S.p.A within 14 (fourteen) working days calculated from the date of receipt of the product by the Customer. Upon return of the product, Storti S.p.A. shall carry out the necessary checks to verify its integrity and only in the event of a positive outcome shall refund the amounts paid by the Customer. The costs of returning the product shall be borne in full by the Customer, who shall bear the transport risks. The Right of Withdrawal is not applicable if the software was purchased without physical product packaging, typically by downloading from the Internet.


License Terms, Warranty and Requirements

For "Terms of License for Use", "Software Ownership", "Warranty Conditions" please refer to the specific document "Terms of License for Use" available at . For "System Requirements" please refer to the website under the section related to the ordered products.


Software Update

The PallPro software is subject to maintenance and updating activities. The customer can update its software against the purchase of a perpetual license.  All free updates are provided to the customer by downloading from the Internet.


Late Payment

Each case of late payment determines, without the need for prior notice of default, the automatic application of interest on the unpaid sums calculated according to the measures and methods indicated in Italian D.Lgs 231 of 09/10/2002.


Disputes and Jurisdiction

Exclusive place of jurisdiction for any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in relation to this contract, including the validity, invalidity, breach or termination thereof, shall be the ordinary courts in Cremona, Italy.

However, Storti S.p.A. reserves the right to file actions in any court having jurisdiction.

System requirements

System requirements

Requisiti minimi

Requisiti raccomandati