It is based on a 3D engine that controls the single stringers, blocks and boards, which are assembled in levels, composing the pallet. These parts can be manually or automatically created and modified.
User friendliness and design freedom have been met.


I've tried to run PallPro, but it shows only the initial splash screen and then the application does not start, what happens?
There is a problem, so you can not run properly PallPro.
Possible causes include:
- PallPro was not correctly installed (1)
- the graphics card of your pc is not compatible or graphics drivers are out of date (2)
- you're trying to run PallPro without a proper account (3)
- you're trying to run PallPro on a 64-bit system (4)

(1) Has PallPro been correctly installed?
PallPro requires 2 key components for its operation: Java Runtime 1.6 and Java 3D 1.5.2. These packages are provided with the self-installing program of PallPro and they're automatically selected during installation.
If this is your first time you install PallPro verify that these components are selected (default); if you are installing a new version or upgrading PallPro, please see the installation notes.

(2) Do I need a special graphics card to run PallPro?
PallPro is based on a sophisticated 3D engine, so you need a fairly recent 3D graphics card compatible with OpenGL 1.3 or better to run it. In general, ATI and nVidia cards (and some from Intel) produced since 2001 should be supported. If you have instead other cards, especially the models integrated with the motherboard (like SiSxxxFX or S3) the correct start of PallPro is not guaranteed.
You may also check in your Control Panel if you have successfully installed the (updated) drivers for your graphics card. If your video card does not support OpenGL, PallPro will automatically try to start using the DirectX drivers. Therefore it is advisable to have also updated DirectX drivers.

(3) Do I need an administrator account to run PallPro?
On Windows 2000 / XP it's not necessary. On Vista and Seven, because of the new management mechanism of Microsoft's user permissions, it is advisable to start the program with the Administrator option (right click on the icon of PallPro -> run as administrator).
NOTE: You must have the administrator password of your computer.

(4) Is PallPro compatible with 64-bit systems?
PallPro was originally developed and thoroughly tested on Windows 2000 / XP / Vista and Seven at 32-bit. Starting with version 2.10.0009 it's available a specific icon "PallPro2 (64 bit)" for the launch on 64 bits systems, that has been tested with success on various stations especially Windows Vista / Seven at 64-bit. It is not excluded, however, that PallPro might work with other versions of Windows at 32/64 bit.

My antivirus software tries to block the installation or execution of PallPro. What can I do?
Some users have reported problems installing or launching PallPro due to incompatibility with some antivirus software (Norton Antivirus 2011 beta, Kaspersky...)
If this occurs, try temporarily to disable your antivirus during installation process or manually authorize the execution of PallPro in case that your antivirus software produces a warning.
We guarantee that your copy of PallPro downloaded from this site is absolutely free of viruses, trojans and any kind of malware.

Trying to print with PallPro, I get the drawings that are quite "grainy". Why?
In order to print, PallPro has to capture all the views of the pallet and this is based on the capabilities of the graphics card installed in the system. If the card was not good quality or the drivers were not fully installed or updated, the quality of the drawings, especially as regards the oblique lines, may be poor. For best results you can try updating the video driver provided by the manufacturer of the card or, if necessary, replace the card itself.

Can PallPro generate printouts of PDF documents?
Yes, the easiest way is to install a virtual PDF printer, such as CutePDFWriter. Since version 2.10.0011 this component can be optionally selected in the installation phase of PallPro.

Can PallPro generate printouts of image documents?
Yes, the easiest way is to install a virtual printer for images, such as ImagePrinter. Since version 2.10.0011 this component can be optionally selected in the installation phase of PallPro.