It is based on a 3D engine that controls the single stringers, blocks and boards, which are assembled in levels, composing the pallet. These parts can be manually or automatically created and modified.
User friendliness and design freedom have been met.


Available versions:

v2.10.0012 (05/07/2012)

v2.10.0010 (02/12/2011)

ATTENTION: Please consult the installation notes before installing the program.


PallPro is based on a sophisticated 3D engine, and for proper operation requires the installation of a component called "Java3D", which comes with the installation package. The installation of Java3D can take several steps:

  • if this is the first time you install PallPro on your PC and you've not already installed Java3D, you have to download and launch the installer version. "Java Runtime" and "Java3D" components, provided with the installation package, will appear automatically selected.
  • if you are installing a new version of PallPro on your PC, there are two possibilities:
    1. you are upgrading from PallPro version 2.00.xxxx (or you already have a version of Java3D prior to 1.5.2 installed on your system): in this case you must uninstall the previous component Java3D from the Windows Control Panel before the new installation. You have to select components "Java Runtime" and "Java3D" for installation (default). You do not need to uninstall the old version of PallPro to proceed with the upgrade.
    2. you are upgrading from PallPro version 2.10.xxxx: during installation you have to unselect the components "Java Runtime" and "Java3D". For this purpose it's better to download and launch the updater version, which does not include just such components. Again, it is not necessary to uninstall the old version of PallPro to proceed with te upgrade.

NOTE: The installation package of PallPro 2.10.xxxx contains a recent version of Java JRE 6; in case you have other versions of Java installed on your PC, please consult the following link: